Crazy Button ≠ Easy Button

Have you ever wished that there was a Crazy Button? Or, I suppose, a “CrazyOff” button? Even a switch? I would give a third of the gray hairs on my head to have a CrazyOffButton that I could target with a tasty karate chop.

(Do not discount the significance of 1/3 of my gray hairs. They are numerous, and would be sorely missed if given away.)

Yes, this is how I’ve been feeling this week. Yearning for an off switch. Searching for the CrazyOff Button.

Alas, both my CrazyOff Button and my perfectly executed karate chop appear to be mythical.

So today’s post is simply this: it’s flippin’ hard to find time to work, spend ample quality time with the Mr, do yard work, train the dog, read, sleep, AND write.

And it’s making me crazy.


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