The Doing and the What

And so I’ve identified the problem: I’m having trouble writing.

Correction: I’m having trouble writing something more structured than Psychobabble Blah-Blah-Blah. Yes, this is a technical term.

See, I’m excellent at this kind of bottom-drawer writing. This is the kind of writing that feels good in that a) I’m doing something that involves pencil lead, b) I’m filling up expensive Moleskin journals in a most impressive manner, and c) it makes me look dedicated when my husband is looking.

Additional Correction: I can write. I’m flailing as a storyteller.

So if I’ve identified the problem, then the trick is to find a solution. Yes?

Ah. That’s the not-so-easy part. But I’ve got a plan!*

1. Pencilhugger! I’m doing this blog. Okay, so so far I’m not as consistent as I’d like. And it’s got a long way to go before it could hum along with my favorite blogs. But whatever. It’s mine.

Two posts a week – should be doable, yes? My ideal? One post to be more thought out (like this one) and another reserved for whatever the hell I want to put up. It’s like homework and dessert.

Have I mentioned that I was one of those kids who kinda liked homework?

Anyway…. Dessert Posts are for whatever I want. A link, a picture, who knows. My current obsession. A loving concession to the idea of Being Me.

Once I’ve got it going on I’ll actually let people know that I’ve burped up this blog. Not yet, though.

Except hey: who were you, 8 views on May 4? Where did you come from? This is supposed to be something of a secret still! Not sure what glitch in the universe made you appear out of thin WebAir, but welcome. Hope you liked Eyeore. And his pencil.

Goal here: work on developing a voice. I’d love to have the presence of this guy, but I’ll settle for what’s me.

But really. Check this blog out. I have a crush on this blog. My heart is going pitter-patter right now, just thinking about it.

2. Regular Writing. Unique tactic, yes? I need to park my tush in the chair. Which is sometimes the last thing I want to do after putting in nine hours of AssInChair time at work. But there’s no way to get around the need to write regularly if I want to actually produce anything. It’s a simple equation, really:

Time in Chair Writing = More Writing Done.

It’s like the other equation that’s so simple to say but agonizingly hard to execute:

Less Calories = Less Pounds.

But let’s not talk about that one; I’m depressing myself. Let’s say that this (okay, both) are still In Development. If only I didn’t have a day job. And was skinny. And was good at executing deceptively simple equations.

3. Thinking. Don’t laugh. Somehow I got the idea that if I sat at my computer and let my mind wander over the keyboard a great novel would just ooze out of my fingertips.

What crap.

So now I’m actively working on DEVELOPING a story before I assume I can write it.


Does anyone else HATE the term “brainstorming?” Damn, it’s awful.

4. Reading. A ton. Nothing new with this; the more I read, the heavier my “to read” shelf gets. But I’m being more deliberate, reading more than fiction.

Sorry, Fiction. I will always love you and never abandon you, but I need more than you, alone, can give. So I’m seeing other genres. No hard feelings, eh?

Blogs. I’m reading blogs. Holy Crap. When did blogs become such a great source of writing? Did I mention I have a crush on a blog? Maybe I should let you know that I have a crush on more than one. Feelin’ a little slutty. Don’t hate me.

Right now I’m also dating Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers. It’s targeted at screenplays, but his book is tons-of-helpful. It spells out story structure in a way that I am aware of as a reader but apparently stupid about once I put the keys in the ignition and pump the gas (I think I just dated myself).

But it’s about creating stories. Of becoming a storyteller.

Which is what I wanna be.

*I reserve the right to adjust this plan without warning or explanation.


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