The Obligatory “First Post” Post

Well, here it is. The obligatory “first post” post, which, I admit, is obligatory only because I imagine it must be. I haven’t read many first posts, and am, in fact, imitating what I imagine first posts must certainly be like.

Like this. Yes?

So hello, world. Nice to meet you. Or see you. Or, I suppose, to be truthful – nice to be seen.

Or not…. am I getting anywhere here?

The point is, no one is going to see this post for a long time. Out of the millions of blogs out there (millions, right?), I imagine it takes time and grit to get a good subscribership. But it would be nice if someday I had a few readers. Because that’s the point of The Blog.

Or this blog, at least.

The point: to be read.

You see, I want to write. And I do write, a lot. A lot of nothing, a lot of stream of consciousness psycho-journal-babble-blah. What I want to write, however, is something worth reading… which means I need someone to read it. And audience makes everything more…visceral. Yes?

And that is where you, currently imaginary and hopefully soon-to-be-realized reader, come in. Check me out. Maybe it’s already Someday and you’re reading this, and the other posts I’ll write (or have written… getting confusing….), and maybe when I retire I’ll have a nice little side business as a writer, so that I can still afford health insurance.

And a dog.

I’d like to have both.

And in honor of my snazzy new Blog Name, I’m going to attempt to include an image. I have, indeed, hugged this pencil.

I love the Ticonderoga. It's a quality squeeze.


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